Friday, March 19, 2010

3D Design Class

Okay to start off this post... this class was not something I
was good at. The first day of class my teacher starts to talk
about bronzing, welding, casting and it was all going over
my head. Then he takes us on a tour of our class and I didn't
know what half of the machines were for and I definitely didn't
know how to use them. So none the less this was a very...
interesting class:) Here are my main projects that I did.
Okay this has absolutely nothing to do with my
3d design class... I gave this painting to Jacki for
her birthday and before I gave it away I wanted to
take a picture of it and thought I'd post it! It's
really random but just one of me and Jacki's
inside jokes. Frita the Flaming Flamingo:)
This was a conceptual art piece made with all the
roses that I recieved while I was in High School
I dried them all but then when I moved out and
cleaned my room I needed to get rid of them. But
I just couldn't so I saved them thinking one day
I could use them for an art project. And they worked
out just perfectly for this one:)

For the top of this table I had to use a lot of "those tools"
that I didn't know what they were or how to use them.
My professor had to have a lot of patience with me:)

That stand used to be a laundry hamper

We had to make something out of repeated objects
These are plates that I found at the DI and painted them.

We had to turn line into form for this project
So i used toothpicks to make a bird

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