Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fall Semester 2013

Illustration 2
I got to take this class from the one and only...
Robert T. Barrett (
This class was focused on oil painting!

The first half of the semester we did a series of still life paintings

This next piece was out-of-class and we had to do a still life that represented someone. 
I chose to do a "hipster"
I am in no way a hipster but I like getting 
inspiration from my own life and what's
going on at the time and that's where this came from... 

I learned how to longboard this semester and got really into it:)

Then the second half of the semester we focused on painting the human figure

This first one was a master copy of one of
Richard Shmid's paintings.

Then these last two were out-of-class assignments 
that I got a little more freedom with.

"The Reflected Image"
This painting was inspired by my
roommate who is obsessed with motorcycles

Then for my last assignment I painted
"The Interrupted Figure"
this was inspired by the fact that I LOVE the guitar.

Digital Illustration 2
I took this class with Dave McClellan (

This was just a little exercise

This was a mastercopy of one of Pascal Campion's digital pieces 

This is a take on "Beauty and the Beast"

Last of all we were assigned to Illustrate a Song!
This was the song that I picked...

and this picture also gave me inspiration for this piece

These sweet little girls were trying to raise money
for the families in the Philippines who had been
effected by the huge typhoon.  This really touched me 
because I served in the Philippines and knew some
of the people who were effected by this storm.  
So I wanted to illustrate these sweet little girls:)

And there ya go!  There's my fall semester:)
I think I did more art this semester then I have
before and although I was SO busy, I love it!

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