Monday, August 11, 2014

Internship #2 (website design)

Today is my last day interning for Bookoo Inc.  
I have been in Chicago for the past 3 months and have
absolutely loved it!  I just wanted to share a little bit
of what I have been up to.  My main task this summer was 
designing a website for a new family history site.  
The site is
It's not finished yet but here is kind of 
everything I've been working on for it.  
We'll start with the first of my summer so you have to 
keep reading to see it get better and better ;)

Here is the original site when I got here...

So basically we had 2 pages that we came up with
ideas for.  So here are a whole bunch of ideas that I
played with all summer long...

Here are a few from "Round 1"

Now a few from "second attempt"

Then we wanted to play with an "old journal" type feel

Here we are on Round 4... maybe

Next round!

Getting Closer...

Then our current most latest design...

And there's a summer of a whole lot of work!  
We are still working on the website so it hasn't gone live yet. 
This last one is the one they have chosen for their website,
but now we have to build the other pages and have a lot more
work before we can launch the site.   
Bookoo hired me and I will continue to work for them from Provo! :)  
It's been a great summer!!  And I'm super grateful for my co-workers
and all that they have taught me and for their help!! 

and here are just a few logos and other stuff i played with:)

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